by Jess

We love snacking in our house so are always on the lookout for new snacks to try. This week we tried some fruit jerky and bars from Snact. Not only are the products all vegan, gluten free and free from added sugars / preservatives and additives but their packaging is compostable. This is such a positive thing and something I wish all companies would start doing.

snact vegan fruit jerky and barsThe fruit jerky comes in three flavours: apple and mango / apple, blueberry and banana / apple and raspberry and the bars also come in three flavours: carrot and spice boost / apple and cinnamon / beetroot and cacao.

snact vegan fruit jerky and barsThe kids absolutely loved the fruit jerky as I knew they would, I also tried each one and liked it. I find dried fruit products like this to be such a good replacement for sweets as they provide that same sweet and tangy experience. They had literally polished off the entire lot within a few seconds.

They didn’t like the bars so much, or at all really but I really enjoyed the carrot and spice one. I didn’t try the beetroot and cacao as it’s not really a flavour I would really opt for, I’m in no doubt I would like the apple and cinnamon one though.

snact vegan fruit jerky and bars

snact vegan fruit jerky and barsWould I buy them again?
I would definitely buy the fruit jerky again, I would also buy the apple and cinnamon bar to try if I saw it. Not sure if I would buy the carrot and spice bar again, it was nice but there are so many bars available these days and it didn’t win as my new favourite or anything. If I was somewhere that had it as the only vegan snack I definitely would though. 

Snact offer subscriptions for the fruit jerky which is a pretty cool idea, there are a couple of options depending how much you want and I think the pricing is good too. You can shop the range here. Ocado are also running an offer on Snact products right now which is definitely worth checking out, you can find it here.

Thanks to Snact for sending us some samples to try. 

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