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I absolutely loved Pieminister pies in my pre-vegan days, we lived on them when we used to go to Glastonbury Festival as they are so filling. When we lived in Bristol we used to pop to their shop and buy them and I also used to buy them from the supermarket for a quick dinner quite a lot when we lived in our old house as it was opposite a supermarket. So I was super excited when I heard that they were working on a vegan pie.

PIEMINISTER VEGAN PIE TASTE TESTIt came out a few weeks ago and finally last weekend I spotted it in my local Waitrose and might have squealed with delight! It’s called Kevin and the filling is made with mushrooms, baby onions and tomatoes with red wine and thyme too.

It is so delicious and I would go as far as saying it’s my favourite of all the Pieminister pies, the Heidi was my previous favourite but this is so much nicer. It is full of flavour, something which can sometimes be lacking in ready made vegan food, and the pastry is just as good, if not better, than the non-vegan pies.

Another good thing is that the saturated fat is half that of the one I used to eat before going vegan, I always point out that I’m not vegan for my health and it’s true, for me it’s all about the animals but obviously when I can enjoy a pie even more and know it has half the saturated fat then it’s a real bonus!

PIEMINISTER VEGAN PIE TASTE TESTThe sauce looks like ragu as you can see in the photo above, it’s just so yummy. Even Cherry loved it and wants me to buy her one next time, I might have to wait until they are offer for that though! Actually I just checked and they are currently on 2 for £6 in Waitrose, I think that is the only supermarket selling them at the moment as I haven’t seen them anywhere else but hopefully they will be rolled out everywhere soon.

PIEMINISTER VEGAN PIE TASTE TESTSo I would definitely recommend these vegan Pieminister pies and will 100% be buying them again, maybe even tonight 😉

I made a little video of our day last Saturday and also taste test the vegan Pieminister pie in it for anyone who wants to watch me cut into it and taste it!

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