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If you are looking for some simple vegan family meal ideas then this post should give you some inspiration, you could even use this as your weekly meal plan, or if there was something you didn’t like the look of then you could look back through week 1-4 for some other ideas. The links will be at the bottom of the page.

Monday: Baked potatoes with cashew cheese sauce and vegetables. Baked potatoes are such a cheap meal and you can top them with different things for different members of the family. Tiger had his cut up with some vegan sausage rolls, Cherry had hers with beans and vegan cheese and Matt and I had this option. I definitely don’t have the kind of kids who will happily tuck into a meal with this many vegetables on the plate! You can find loads of cashew cheese sauce recipes on Pinterest. I LOVE it and usually make a batch of it every week, I used the leftover cashew cheese sauce from this meal in the fajitas later in the week.

baked potato with cashew cheese sauce living on leaves vegan family meal ideasTuesday: Butterbean and fennel stew with brown nice and broccoli. This is a similar recipe, I switched the honey for maple syrup to make it vegan. It’s so tasty, I love butter beans and the fennel works perfectly.

butter bean stew living on leaves vegan family meal ideasWednesday: Tofu Stir-Fry. I’m not a huge fan of stir-fry sauces so keep mine really simple with just sesame oil, tamari sauce and some teriyaki sauce. I used the oriental Tofoo which is so good in stir-fries then just added some veggies and wholewheat noodles.

vegan tofu stir fry living on leaves vegan family meal ideasThursday: Roasted vegetable quinoa. This was so delicious! I roasted some vegetables then mixed them into some quinoa which I’d cooked in stock to give it a bit more flavour then served with some asparagus and corn on the cob, which I had cut off as I hate biting into it!

roasted vegetable quinoa living on leaves vegan family meal ideasFriday: Stir-fry rice. This was basically exactly the same as the stir-fry from earlier in the week only I added some rice instead of noodles, this was coconut rice which is my favourite. If you’re in a rush then you can just use the pouches of ready cooked rice.

vegan stir fried rice living on leaves vegan family meal ideasSaturday: Extra cheesy pizza. I usually make my own pizza bases but didn’t have time on this occasion as I’d been having a new tattoo so when I popped into Waitrose and saw some ready made bases in the reduced section I grabbed a few. They were these bases which were really good, they had tomato on already but I added a bit of passata too then as well as adding vegan cheese (Violife is my favourite), I also added some cheese sauce which made them so cheesy and delish. I had some leftover as I’d made some for Cherry earlier in the week. I’ve never added it to pizza before but will be in future as it worked so well. I also piled rocket on top because I’m completely addicted to it.

vegan pizza living on leaves vegan family meal ideasSunday: Fajitas! These fajitas are amazing, honestly better than any I had in my pre-vegan days. I use this Wahaca marinade to cook the vegetables, tofu and chickpeas in and these organic tortilla wraps. I actually bought this many as I get through loads but most health food shops sell them in single packs. I mashed up some avocado to go with them and also some cashew cheese sauce (leftover from Monday) and some Oatly Crème Fraiche which is just like sour cream, it tastes exactly the same as how I remember it.

vegan fajitas living on leaves vegan family meal ideas

vegan family meal ideasIf you are looking for more vegan family meal ideas then you might like to look back through some of my previous posts..

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