by Jess

Soo I was planning to share the recipe for these vegan chocolate truffles, I had even made a video tutorial, but as I am a fan of just making up recipes, unfortunately sometimes they don’t work out exactly as planned. This was one of those occasions!

I only ever share recipes that have worked and that I feel taste nice, these did work and they tasted okay but they weren’t the right consistency. I wanted to avoid using coconut milk but I think in actual fact vegan truffles need that for the smoothness, but also for the fact that it hardens when it sets. They stayed a bit too soft as I put a lot of oat cream in, this could have been down to the chocolate I used being WAY too strong so I still have a couple of things to try. So I am planning to make another batch with a few alterations, not the worst way to spend an afternoon 😉

We did however eat a fair few of these and although I wouldn’t say the recipe is ready to share, it’s not a million miles off so it will be coming at some point! I made one batch of orange and one batch of salted caramel and hazelnut praline.

I added some of the Choc Chick raw cocoa butter pieces to the melted mixture and dusted them in Choc Chick raw cacao powder, we also covered some in chopped nuts.

Thanks to Choc Chick for sending me the cocoa butter and cacao powder, they have a great product range, all using organic raw cacao and the story of where it comes from is really interesting, there are step by step photos too. You can see it here.

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