by Jess

If you ask vegetarians and vegans what they miss most about their meat-eating days then you will probably find a lot of them say bacon. I wouldn’t say I miss it as other than when I craved bacon and egg sandwiches during my pregnancy with Tiger I didn’t ever really eat it in sandwiches. However I did used to like using bacon in cooking, mainly in creamy pasta sauces like carbonara.

I’ve tried the Vbites bacon rashers but really didn’t like them, not a reflection on Vbites as I love some of their other products, I just didn’t like the flavour or texture of their bacon rashers.

So after doing a bit of research I found out about two other vegan bacon alternatives, one by Sgaia and one by Moodley Manor. I bought them both from The Vegan Kind online vegan supermarket. They are a bit more expensive than some brands (£4 a pack) but they are both amazing and you can notice a difference in the quality, they are made with wheat gluten and each rasher is thick and has a great texture. We used to spend about the same amount on bacon in our pre-vegan days anyway so there isn’t much of a difference.

vegan bacon moodley manor and sgaia bought from The Vegan Kind

It’s going to be more of an occasional treat though instead of a regular thing. The Moodley Manor vegan bacon has 5 slices in so we made two sandwiches and one creamy pasta sauce with the leftover rasher. The Sgaia only has 4 slices so we had 2 sandwiches with it.

I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite out of the two, they are both pretty similar and equally great products.

I made a wrap with Moodley Manor bacon, it also had Violife cream cheese in and some avocado. It was amazing!

vegan alternatives to bacon vegan bacon and cream cheese wrap with avocadoThen I made a sandwich with the Sgaia bacon, with Violife cream cheese again because it goes so well with bacon!

vegan alternatives to bacon vegan bacon and cream cheese sandwichSo if you are looking for vegan alternatives to bacon then I would definitely recommend these. I will definitely be buying them again, I was a bit worried about the liquid smoke as I’m not a huge fan of it but it wasn’t overpowering at all.

I made a little video too..

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