by Jess

Pain au chocolat, along with croissants and cinnamon buns make the most perfect breakfast or brunch at the weekend. The good news is that you don’t have to give them up after becoming vegan.

The Jus Roll pain au chocolat, croissants and cinnamon buns are all dairy free, vegan and totally delicious!! The Jus Roll puff pastry is also vegan and we use that for roasted vegetable tarts and vegan sausage rolls all the time.

You find them in the pastry section in the fridge in most supermarkets and they last for ages in your fridge, if you don’t end up eating them straight away that is! You open up the tin and bake them for about 10 minutes so you can eat them warm and they make your house smell amazing.

vegan alternative to pain au chocolatInitially I said I wasn’t the biggest fan of pain au chocolat, I only bought these as they had run out of cinnamon buns and when we were ill at Xmas I thought they would be good for shoving in the oven but after trying these I think I actually prefer them to croissants and cinnamon buns, they were just so good. The chocolate oozes out, yum!

Obviously they don’t make a healthy snack but that’s what I want to show really, that going vegan doesn’t mean you have to be really healthy and live on salad, it can just mean you don’t want to eat animal products anymore. Of course you can be healthy, and lots of vegan people are, but I know that for me personally, I still like eating pizza, chocolate and cake. I just don’t want to eat those foods knowing that animals have suffered for me to do so.

vegan alternative to pain au chocolat

vegan alternative to pain au chocolatSo if you are doing Veganuary and want to find a vegan alternative to pain au chocolat or if you recently became vegan then give these a go because I promise they don’t disappoint! Within 10 mins these had all gone, not that I had eaten them all although I easily could have done 😉

I also made a little video of how you make them and what I thought when I tried them. Here it is!

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Anjuli February 9, 2018 - 7:44 pm

I absolutely adore Jus-Rol products. The croissants are my favourite but the Pain au Chocolat are close behind!

Jessica Amey February 10, 2018 - 8:00 am

The croissants are amazing too, and the cinnamon buns!


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