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Following on with my vegan alternative series I have a vegan alternative to stock powder for you today. I am generally sharing a few different products in this posts but actually in this case there is just one product that I use.

It’s such a great product and I add it to nearly everything. It has a great flavour and I much prefer stock powder to cubes which are annoying to dissolve and break-up. You can literally just sprinkle this in everything, I add it to Bolognese sauce, soups, stews, vegan cheese sauce… Or if you need to then of course you can stir it into boiling water to give you your standard stock replacement.

vegan alternative to stock powderSo the product that I use is Marigold Bouillon stock powder and I love it so much. I linked to the one I use but there are a few different vegan flavours. I actually always used their standard product before going vegan but it has milk in it so I just switched to the vegan version. It’s also gluten free.

vegan alternative to stock

vegan alternative to stock powder living on leavesIt’s a little bit harder to find this than some stock cubes as not all the supermarkets sell it but I either order it online in big tubs or find it in Holland and Barrett / my local healthfood shop. I think I’ve bought it in Waitrose before too.

If there is ever an occasion when I need some stock desperately and can’t get this one then there are some low-salt organic stock cubes that I get instead, these are found in most supermarkets. There are lots of other vegan stock cubes though, even ones labelled as meat flavoured don’t always contain meat so it’s always worth checking the ingredients. I was in the supermarket yesterday and I found loads of stock cubes that were accidentally vegan, also some of the vegetable stock pots were vegan so there are plenty of options and it’s really simple to switch to a vegan alternative.

I’ve also made a video…

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