by Jess

Finding a good dairy free cheese is probably one of the hardest things about vegan life, there are no shortage of vegan cheeses available these days but once you’ve wasted money on a few that you end up chucking straight in the bin you become a bit wary of buying new products.

This is what happened to me and after trying quite a few I found that the VioLife cheeses were the only ones I could handle, mainly because they didn’t have a strong taste or smell. I’ve generally stuck with those for a pretty long time until this week when I heard that Asda had released a new free from alternative to mature cheddar. I also heard from a few people say that it was good so I bought some to try and I am so glad I did!

It is the closest thing to cheddar I have found over the last 18 months and even has the same tang to it. It’s creamy but without a horrible strong taste and I am just so excited that I’ve discovered it. The other good thing is that it’s only £2 which is pretty good price-wise. Some vegan cheeses are upward of £5 but I’ve never been able to try them for that amount as if I didn’t like them then it would feel like such a waste of money.

Cherry also absolutely loved this, we taste-test it in a video at the end so do check that out to see our first thoughts.

the best dairy free cheese vegan asda free from mature cheddar alternativeIt’s also wheat and gluten free. I haven’t tried melting it yet but I’ve seen photos from people that have and they have said it melts well. I’m going to try it on a pizza one night this week so will make a recipe video for my YouTube channel, you can find that here.

I’ve eaten cheese and crackers every day since buying this dairy free cheese, it was one of my favourite snacks before going vegan so I’m so happy to be able to eat it again. I had been having crackers occasionally with VioLife but it wasn’t really the same, this actually is!

I would definitely suggest to give it a go if you are looking for a vegan alternative to cheddar.

the best dairy free cheese vegan asda free from mature cheddar alternativeSo here is the video of us taste testing it…

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