by Jess

We live so close to Dartmoor but have only visited once in the whole time we’ve lived down here, that was when we went to Spitchwick during a heatwave a few years ago.

So I did a bit of research and decided on Sourton Tors for our second visit. The car park is just off the A30 (exact location here) and there is a service station there too with a separate toilet block which is perfect for stopping at before beginning any long walks with kids.

There is a cycle path at the bottom, I’m not sure where it leads to but there were a few families there with kids who were heading off with bikes so I guess it’s fairly flat.

Then the walk itself is pretty child friendly, you just head up the hill from the car park and it takes about 30 minutes to get to the top.

The kids had a great surprise when they realised there was still some snow and ice left up there too, we had snow forecast last week but it never happened which they were disappointed about as we had such a great time the last time it snowed.

sourton tors dartmoor

sourton tors dartmoor snow

sourton tors dartmoor devon

sourton tors dartmoor devon snow

sourton tors dartmoor devon

And then for fun I had an idea for a photo when I saw Tiger lying on the rocks.

Here is the finished photo…

sourton tors dartmoor creative photo edit

And I thought I would also do a before and after because I love seeing the original photos before they’ve been edited. I had to get Matt to hold up his tummy which was dipping down without so that meant removing him out the photo, fixing the rocks under his tummy, doing some colour corrections and then I changed the sky to make it look a bit more dramatic.

before and after photo edit sourton tors, dartmoor

It was really foggy when we were there so we couldn’t appreciate the amazing views but I’m looking forward to going back to Sourton Tors when the weather is nicer. It would be a lovely spot for a picnic in the summer.

We’ve actually decided to do more exploring of Dartmoor this year so if you have any good suggestions of places to visit then do let me know.

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