by Jess

I’ve been sharing some of my spooky photography images on Instagram but I thought I would share them on here too.

We love the build up to Halloween in our house, we found some awesome props in the charity shops and they really inspired me to get out and take some photos. I have been watching lots of Photoshop tutorials and have been enjoying putting a bit more effort and creativity into my photography.

The first one was when we headed down to the beach early one morning with a toy bat, the dog walkers found it very amusing to watch me shouting at Matt whilst he was running around with a toy bat on a string attached to the pole that we  use to open our loft hatch!

spooky photography bat attack

The second one was when we made a trip into the woods with the creepy wolf mask we found in a charity shop.

spooky photography scary wolf maskNext up was when we went pumpkin picking to Sopley Farm, it’s quite a drive from us but worth it to find a proper pumpkin patch, there aren’t many around. We took another one of our charity shop outfits along for this shot, we had to take it quickly so we didn’t scare any young children!

This was also where I wanted to put my flying witch idea into practice so I took a stool with me, and a broomstick. It was my first attempt at a photo like this so I still have a lot to learn but it was really fun to make.

This one was taken with a lensball, in the same woods where we took the photo above. Cherry was wearing the creepy bear mask for me.

spooky photography lensball forest

Then finally is this skull neon light, I made it in Photoshop using a the neon light tutorial by Nemanja Sekulic. I’ve shared the gif on here, it was going to go on Instagram but the quality was really bad after it uploaded on there so I made an image instead which is below.

spooky photography skull neon lights

So that was a little run through of all the spooky photography shoots we’ve been on over the last month. I actually love spooky shots so don’t think I will limit them just to Halloween but I will be mixing them in with some other themes.

I’ve become addicted to watching Photoshop tutorials so I’m feeling really inspired at the moment with my photography, so many ideas, so little time!

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