by Jess

Yesterday we were sitting in a sunny park and talking about how it felt like spring was on it’s way, which given that less than a week ago we were completely snowed into our village, IN MARCH, is completely crazy!

We’ve only lived in Dorset for a couple of years but it hasn’t snowed here in that time, and before that we were living in Somerset which isn’t too far away and it very rarely snowed there either. The last time was when Cherry was a toddler but even then it was nothing compared to the snowfall we had last week.

We had been waiting for the snow to arrive for nearly two weeks and when the day came we were all obsessively checking the weather app to see when it would start, the kids were so excited but I was a bit sceptical about how much snow we would actually have, then it started! Within an hour it had started to settle everywhere, much to the kids delight.
Anyone who knows me knows about my hatred of being cold and had it been this cold without snow then I would have been hibernating indoors but there is something about snow that I love. I find it’s beauty distracts me from the cold and all I want to do is be out in it.

I have to say that the two days we were snowed in were honestly magical. The kids had the best time ever and were outside all day playing with all their friends, the roads had no cars on which gave a lovely peaceful and safe feeling to our village and everyone was just so happy and excited. Then there was the best part, the sledging! We had so much fun.

And of course a real highlight was getting to see snow on a beach, it’s not a sight you see every day and it was absolutely beautiful.

I just wish it had happened at Christmas, it would have made it so much better. It did make it feel festive though, so much so that we had another vegan Christmas dinner! Cauliflower cheese is my fave part, can you tell?!

vegan christmas dinner in the snowHere are some of our snow photos, these first two were taken on the first day when it was still blizzardy, you can barely make out the beach in the background but it is there! It was much nicer on the second day when it was no longer snowing.

snow on a beach in dorsetYes I did take an umbrella out for the blizzard!

snow on a beach in dorset

snow on a beach in dorset

snow on a beach in dorset

snow on a beach in dorset

snow on a beach in dorset

snow on a beach in dorsetBy the 3rd day it had started to melt which was perfect timing really as we were about to run out of oat milk!! Plus 2 days was just the right about of time to enjoy it without getting bored of it, being able to leave the house without putting on a million layers of clothing on was nice! I wish it would happen every winter though, it’s actually made me desperate to go on a snow holiday. I haven’t been since I was a teenager but went lots when I was growing up and skiing is the one sport I actually enjoy.

The snow has all now completely melted and it feels like a dream but thankfully it’s been replaced with sun which is always welcome! Roll on the spring, my favourite time of year. Full of hope at what’s to come.

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