by Jess

This shark attack Photoshop manipulation is pretty simple and lots of fun to do. I will share a rough guideline of how I achieved this, I’m by no means an expert so my way might not be the best way but I think the fun thing about Photoshop is that you can just play around until you create something you are happy with.

When I was at the beach last week taking photos for the rainbow image I shared a few days ago, I also got a few shots of Cherry stood on a wall with the waves crashing around her.

I didn’t have any plans in mind when I took them but when I got home and looked through them I knew what I wanted to do with them.

This is the original photo, the water came crashing in and as a result she was screaming so I thought it would be fun to add a shark to it.

Photoshop manipulation edit before

I started by cropping the photo, I wanted Cherry to be further to the left to make more room for the shark so I had to use content-aware fill to recreate the section on the right.

Then I changed the sky before adding a shark. I changed the tone of it and added some shadows and highlights using hue / saturation adjustment layers. I used the clone stamp tool to add some bubbles from other areas of the ocean around the shark.

Then I merged everything together and added a camera raw filter.

Here is the finished result…

shark attack photoshop manipulation idea

I hope this has given you some creative photography inspiration, I have actually used a photo taken in the same place for a friendlier edit too. I will share it next, it has a dolphin instead so if sharks are just too terrifying then stay tuned for that instead.

I have started sharing speed edits on TikTok (@discoslothjess) and Instagram Reels (@discoslothjess) so check them out if you are interested in the process.

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