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I tried a new recipe this week by BOSH which was really good, absolutely full of spinach so lots of iron. I also discovered a couple of new products, firstly the naked tofu by The Tofoo Co – this tofu is a game changer. It’s so firm meaning that it doesn’t fall apart when you cook it, or have a texture like jelly which Matt refuses to eat. He actually liked this one. It’s so versatile too, we’ve been coating it in oil and corn flour then baking it so it goes extra crispy. I used it in a couple of meals this week, Cherry is a huge fan of all tofu but she especially liked this one turned into crispy fingers. It’s now without a doubt my favourite brand of tofu, hopefully it will become more readily available as it’s only in a really large Tesco store near me at the moment.

The other new product we tried and loved was these Tofurky Sausages, the texture was great and I can see them cooking really well on a BBQ. I get a bit sick of the Linda McCartney ones so I’m pleased we found these.

MONDAY: Pasta with homemade vegan pesto. It’s so easy to make pesto vegan and you can change up the ingredients too, we added avocado, garlic oil and nutritional yeast to this one but sometimes we just use basil, pine nuts and olive oil. You can also add any other nuts or seeds in like almonds or pumpkin seeds. I usually make a big batch then store it in a jar in the fridge to be used on pizza or in toasted sandwiches for the rest of the week.

TUESDAY: Aloo ‘Paneer’. This is the recipe by BOSH and you can find the video plus written recipe here.

WEDNESDAY: Mushroom Bolognese. I absolutely love this but can’t eat it very often as I’m intolerant to mushrooms and this is full of them. You grate half and finely slice half then fry them with garlic before adding some tomato puree, stock and soy sauce. Then top with fresh basil. I lost the recipe card for it ages ago but I’m more of a chuck it in kind of cook anyway so rarely stick to recipes!

THURSDAY: Cous cous with roasted vegetables and vegan sausages. We had this on a super hot day as I didn’t feel like doing much cooking, the roasted vegetables were leftover from a different meal so I just fried the sausages (the Tofurky ones I mentioned above) then added the roasted vegetables and cous cous with some oil and fresh herbs.

FRIDAY: Falafel salad. It was super hot on this day too so we didn’t feel like eating a proper meal. I made the falafels by adding a tin of chickpeas, fresh coriander, cumin, ground coriander and some oil to a blender. Then stirred in a bit of chickpea flour before grilling them. Then we just had them on top of salad with some houmous.

SATURDAY: Tofu fingers with mashed sweet potato and broccoli. This was basically a kid’s meal but we ended up eating it too. I mashed up the sweet potato with nutritional yeast and vegan butter and oven baked the tofu fingers with oil and corn flour to make them crispy.

SUNDAY: Pizza! A week rarely goes by without having pizza in our house. This was a particularly good one, I use the VioLife organic pizza cheese when we haven’t ordered any Mozzarisella (the cheese they use in Zizzi’s and our fave). I think we are going to have pizza tonight now after writing this post up!

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