by Jess

I was literally in the worst mood when I woke up this morning, I’ve been in a bad mood all week to be honest (my weekly update goes into more detail why) but my PMT has kicked in this weekend so it hit a whole new level.

We had decided to do something today as it’s the one day Matt wasn’t working but we sat around not being able to agree on what and almost didn’t bother but eventually decided to drive to the next town along for a walk. However when we got to the roundabout out of our village we noticed snow everywhere, especially at the top of all the surrounding hills so we decided to change our plans and head there instead.

As much as I hate winter, I do love snow. I’m sure the novelty would wear off after a while but when you don’t see it often it’s just such a treat. It looks so pretty and there is so much fun to be had.

One of the hills I could see snow on top off was Pilsdon Pen, it’s the second highest point in Dorset and is 277 metres high. It used to be an Iron Age fort. We actually went there a few months ago which was lucky as I remembered it and knew it would be a good spot for snow, and it was.

On lower ground it had already turned slushy but up at the top of Pilsdon Pen it was perfect, so much powdery snow and a few hills for sledging.

We had such a great time and my mood instantly improved, it was just what was needed.

Here are some of the photos I took…

pilsdon pen dorset snow

sledging pilsdon pen dorset

pilsdon pen dorset snow 2021 national trust

pilsdon pen dorset

sledging pilsdon pen national trust dorset

snow angels pilsdon pen dorset

snowball fight dorset pilsdon pen

pilsdon pen dorset national trust

It’s also a great spot for a walk. or picnic, when it’s not snowing, you can find out how to get there here.

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