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Until fairly recently, you could only dream of finding ready made vegan cakes in a supermarket. Now, depending on which supermarket you go into, you might even find more than one on offer!

OGGS recently sent me some of their vegan cakes to try and after spending a few days trying the different flavours I’m ready to share our thoughts.

oggs vegan cakes
oggs vegan cakes

So all the cake flavours went down well but we came to the conclusion that our flavour was definitely the zesty lemon, they were delicious!

The cakes are made with aquafaba as the egg equivalent, if you haven’t heard of this the it’s basically the water that you get in a tin of chickpeas! It can be used as an egg replacement in baking and can even be used to make meringue! OGGS are actually launching it in cartons next year and if you visit their aquafaba page here then you can fill in your details to receive a free sample.

After lemon, the second place vote when to chocolate fudge, followed by victoria sponge then salted caramel. Which is not to say that the salted caramel is horrible, I guess because of the slight saltiness it was less sweet and my little sweet toothed kids voted it down?!

As well as these flavours you can also get mini vanilla cupcakes, a large lemon cake which would be great if you didn’t have time to back a birthday cake for someone. Or if you know someone with an allergy to dairy or egg and don’t have time to learn how to bake vegan cakes. Or just if you want some with a cup of tea! And the festive favourite, mince pies.

You can find OGGS in Sainsburys, Waitrose and online at The Vegan Kind Supermarket.

So all in all they get a big thumbs up from us, they are moist, tasty and definitely not lacking in anyway. I’m in no doubt that non-vegans would enjoy them just as much as vegans.

I guess the only slight negative I have is the cost, they aren’t cheap (£4.25 a pack) and the cakes are pretty small so for us we would only get one each which isn’t enough for me!

I would buy the large lemon one as an occasional treat though as at just 70p more you are getting nearly double the amount of cake.

Thanks to OGGS for sending us these cakes to sample, you can find out more about them HERE.

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