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That pretty sums up my week. I struggle with winter at the best of times but this has taken it to a whole new level.

I guess on a positive note, if a winter ever exists when we aren’t in a lockdown (currently looking doubtful) then I will definitely try not to moan about it… at least not as much.

I think the biggest problem for me right now is the weather, I hate winter so much. I need that feeling of warmth on my skin. I am desperately hoping we have another good year for weather and that spring starts early. I cannot wait for that first sunny day when I can sit in my sun lounger and read my book.

wild flower fields dorset

Rant of the week…

The reason I’ve been in such a bad mood this week is also due to the judgment that I’m seeing, and experiencing right now.

The majority of the public seem to have turned into interfering busybodies and I’m sick of it.

The media have scared the shit out of people and made them lose their grip on reality, I get that, and I know that they aren’t entirely to blame for that. The media is so powerful and some people take everything they say as fact but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

Positive news…

My grandad, who is in his late 90s, tested positive for the virus last weekend whilst in hospital recovering from a fall, I’ve been waiting until now to post about it because although he didn’t have any symptoms when he tested positive it can take five days for them to develop. It’s now been a week and he hasn’t developed a single symptom. The nurse also told my mum that quite a few of the old folk don’t.

Not sharing stories like this in the media though are they?

What I’ve been watching…

We started Outlander which I’m really enjoying so far, the main character Claire ends up going back in time to the 1700s in Scotland. It’s really interesting and just crazy to think it was only two lifetimes ago that life was like that.

We also started watching Ink Master which is a tattoo competition, it’s on Amazon Prime and there are about ten seasons of it which should keep us busy for a while.

What I’m reading…

I’ve started a book called Period Power by Maisie Hill. It’s about understanding your hormonal cycle so you can deal with the changes that occur. I stopped taking any hormonal contraceptives about ten years ago so my periods are really regular but I find the hormonal changes throughout the month pretty hard to deal with.

I get bad PMT and it usually lasts for at least ten days. I become so irrational. I only really have one week when I feel at my best which I think is when the testosterone is high. Once that drops off things go downhill. I wish I could have longer in that phase.

Fitness goals…

I’m seriously struggling with motivation this week, I’ve been over to our gym a few times but it’s harder now as the kids get bored pretty quickly and it’s difficult to focus on lifting weights when you have kids moaning at you.

I am trying to do a few classes at home but I’m just really missing the gym, I feel so angry at the fact they are shut with not even a date of when they can reopen.

I just don’t get how anyone can think it’s a good idea to shut places that people use to improve their health, even outdoor skate parks are shut!

There are stats available of how much alcohol and junk food consumption went up during the last lockdown and that was in summer, it’s going to be far worse over the winter. The stats are also showing how mental health conditions rose significantly, again something which will be worse over the winter.

The effects of this will lead to the a drain on the NHS at some point so what they are doing is completely counter-productive.

If this was really about the health of the nation and protecting people then fast food joints and off licences would be shut whilst gyms and fitness centres remained open.

What I’ve been making…

I’m working on a 90’s themed crochet blanket for Disco Sloth Designs. It’s been really fun reliving my youth and remembering all the things I loved as a teenager. Who remembers yin yang friendship necklaces from Tammy Girl?! If you’re interested in following my progress then you can find my Insta here.

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