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I absolutely LOVED ravioli before going vegan, it was always the thing I would grab in the supermarket when I was in rush or wanted a quick dinner, the spinach and ricotta ones were my favourite. I used to have them with pesto and some veggies or salad way too often before having kids as it was so quick after I finished work.

I wouldn’t say I desperately missed them that much but I have looked into whether you can get vegan alternatives on a few occasions, I’ve also pinned a few homemade recipes with the plan of making it myself, although never actually go around to it!

Then yesterday I was in my local Waitrose when I spotted a new product in the fresh pasta section, I guess I do check that section every time with the hope of finding a vegan ravioli and yesterday my luck was in because there was a clearly labelled vegan ravioli! I was so excited, it’s by UgoThrive and it’s not only vegan but also gluten and nut free so perfect for allergies. I’m not gluten free and I did wonder whether that would affect the product as I generally don’t enjoy a lot of the ready made gluten free products but I actually wouldn’t have known that it was gluten free.

UgoThrive vegan ravioli UKYou do have to be really careful to only cook it for one minute, the pasta is really thin so you don’t want to overcook it. It does also say you can just add it to sauce and microwave it without cooking which would be really quick and easy, especially if you were at work and only had a microwave.

So the taste.. I didn’t want to get my hopes up about this product too much as I really wanted it to be good but didn’t want to be disappointed, thankfully it exceeded my expectations. I can’t say that I would have guessed it was pumpkin and sage flavour but it tasted really cheesy to me (it has vegan cheese in) and that was something I really enjoyed. If you dislike the taste of cheese then you might find it a bit overpowering but I really loved them.

UgoThrive vegan ravioli UKWhen they were cooked I added a bit of vegan butter and sage to them to stop them sticking together then served them with some leftover butterbean and fennel stew and salad, bit random but the stew needed using up and it kind of worked like a pasta sauce.

UgoThrive vegan ravioli UKI honestly found them delicious and will definitely be buying them again, good work UgoThrive!! You can find it from Waitrose online here.

UgoThrive vegan ravioli UK


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