by Jess

In my pre-vegan days I used to be absolutely obsessed with cereal, it was my favourite snack and I would quite frequently refill my bowl once, or maybe even twice 😉

Then after making the switch I never really found a milk that worked very well on cereal so I rarely ate it, we experimented with a few dairy free milks but none of them were enjoyable and in fact some of them were horrible. The best milk we found was the almond milk by Rude Health, it was our favourite in tea and I could have it on cereal if I really wanted a bowl, I never enjoyed it enough to have any refills though.

Then we tried Oatly Barista milk when we were at a festival and couldn’t believe how thick and creamy it was, we had found the solution to our quest for the best dairy-free milk!!

It works so well on cereal which means I’ve been buying all my favourites again. I’m so happy! IT IS HONESTLY THE BEST DAIRY FREE MILK!!

the best dairy free milk - oatly barista edition

And if you are looking for a new dairy free milk then I would recommend this one 100%!

It was so popular at one point that they had problems with meeting the demand and people were trying to sell cases of it on Ebay for loads of money!

Even now we are no longer vegan I still only buy this milk because it’s so good.

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Alice January 3, 2019 - 6:17 pm

I LOVE barista! My only downfall was coffee – I could cope with milk substitutes in everything but cream in coffee is my breakfast. Now I’ve found this Im so happy although its really difficult to get hold of :-/

Jessica Amey January 4, 2019 - 12:02 pm

It is quite hard to find! Have you tried the Oatly cream? I think that’s amazing in place of single cream, I have it on porridge!


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