by Jess

I absolutely loved The Addams Family movies when I was growing up so when we had to dress up for a party at the weekend I knew we had to go as them. Our family dynamic matched theirs so Cherry was Wednesday and Tiger was Pugsley. Luckily Matt also looks a bit like Gomez.

I only had a few days to sort our costumes so I found nearly everything on eBay. Tiger is wearing a pair of school gym shorts which I found on eBay for not much at all, his t-shirt also came from eBay and I bought him some black socks which he just wore with his trainers, which happened to be black. Then I found Cherry’s black dress on eBay and bought her some black tights and shoes from the supermarket. I also ordered her a white collar to go around the top of her dress but it didn’t arrive in time. I bought some black chalk hairspray from Superdrug for Cherry’s hair. We also put some face whitener on her.

the addams family fancy dress halloweenI was really lucky with my dress as I found it in a charity shop for £1.99. Then I just bought a cheap wig, this was only £4 from Wilkinson’s.

the addams family fancy dress halloweenThen for Gomez’s costume we found the pinstripe jacket on eBay for £2.99 and I ordered a bowtie from eBay too. He already owned the white shirt so that was simple. Then he just slicked back his hair, he was going to shave off his beard which would have made him look so much like Gomez but we thought that was a bit over the top just for one night!

the addams family fancy dress halloweenWe had so much fun being The Addams Family, I’m looking forward to when we can dress up as them again. I would kind of like to be them all the time 😉 There was a pretty funny moment when the kids were taking part in a musical statues game, halfway through they both stopped dancing and just stood there staring at the guy in charge. We laughed as it was exactly what Wednesday and Pugsley would have done in that situation, they played the characters well!

the addams family fancy dress halloween

the addams family fancy dress halloweenIf you have a family fancy dress party coming up then why not be The Addams Family? It didn’t cost much and was so much fun.

P.S. apologies for the grainy photos in this post, it was starting to get dark when I took them.

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