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We have just got back from a weekend at Bestival and I’m pleased to report that being vegan wasn’t a problem at all when it came to finding food to eat. It wasn’t just the same old vegan food available either like falafels, although I did buy a falafel for lunch on one of the days because you can’t beat a falafel. I tried a couple of things which are new to me too, Matt came across a vegan kebab which he thought was amazing, he is usually super hard to please with food.

On the lawn area there was a big marquee called The Feast Collective which as you can guess from the name was a collective of different food stalls, most of which had a clearly labelled vegan option on their menu.

One of the meals I always like to eat at festivals is pie and mash because it’s so filling, at Glastonbury Festival I always used to live on Pieminister pies, apparently they are working on a vegan flavour which is exciting, so I was super happy to find a pie stall with a vegan option. The stall was Piecaramba and their porky pie was delicious, it was filled with pulled jackfruit, something which I’ve heard loads about but had never tried. If you haven’t heard about using jackfruit as a meat replacement then you can find out more about it here.

pulled pie vegan pie piecaramba bestival - eating vegan at festivalsThe vegan kebab that Matt went for was shaved off a twisting kebab stand just like the meat alternative. It was topped with all kinds of delicious sauces and was really tasty.

vegan kebab at bestival - eating vegan at festivalsFollowing on my pie I bought a cup of tea and one of the vegan brownies with a biscoff swirl that were on display and boy were they good!! So soft and delicious, I ate about 3 during my time there and am literally dreaming of eating one now.

vegan brownies bestival - vegan eating at festivalsThere was also a juice stall in there which had lots of brightly coloured juices on display, all freshly made, and priced at only £3 which I thought was so cheap for a festival. The kids went for a bright pink one which was that colour due to the dragon fruit, something which I must try at home as they won’t drink anything green! I went for a green one though which made me feel a bit better about all the brownies I had packed away 😉

Other vegan food on offer in the Feast Collective and just outside included different types of curries, vegan choices from Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen and sushi wraps as well as lots more. I just wish I had more time, and money, to go around trying it all.

Elsewhere in the festival there were a few of the stalls that have ‘VEGAN / VEGETARIAN FOOD’ written on them, the ones that offer burgers etc, I didn’t actually get around to ordering from these although my falafel was tasteless so I wish I had gone for a burger instead! I also saw a bacon stall in one of the camping fields which had a big sign saying that they love vegans, clearly not enough to stop selling slices of dead pig but good to know that they have us in mind.

I also spotted a porridge stall offering vegan porridge and a vegan pancake stall. Oh and there was a vegan café in the Slow Motion area but we didn’t get around to visiting it. Obviously there was much more on offer too, this was just what I happened to come across.

So if you are vegan and planning to attend Bestival then you won’t have any problems at all finding food to eat.

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