by Jess

Last week I had a fun photo idea, I wanted to get a photo of me push pressing a barbell with my kids hanging off each end. Given that they weigh 50kg between them I knew I couldn’t actually do it in real life so needed Photoshop’s assistance.

I started by getting Matt to take a photo of me on my own.

Then I got Matt to hold the barbell so the kids could hold on and make it look like they were hanging, they weren’t actually able to hold on long enough for me to get a photo as they kept slipping off so they kept their feet on the floor.

As their feet weren’t off the floor I also got them to hang off our pull up bar so I could get a photo of their feet hanging. I didn’t actually switch Cherry’s out in the end but I did switch Tiger’s as they looked too flat in the original photo.

I imported all the photos into Photoshop and cut Cherry and Tiger out of their original photo using the quick selection tool. I then pasted them onto the image of me. I shrunk them down a tiny bit so their hands matched up with my bar and touched up any areas that needed it using a layer mask.

I switched Tiger’s feet and warped them a tiny bit.

Then I used the content-aware fill tool to remove a few areas of the wall and the empty tub of oil. Our gym area is inside but it’s just too dark to take photos in there so I had to do it outside.

Then I just wanted to make the wall a bit more interesting so I found some art and copied it on, changed the blending mode, added a texture layer then used a fade brush to go over the clean edges. I was just experimenting with it really.

Here is the end result…

If you don’t have a barbell then you could use a long stick or broom instead, maybe even a mop?!

If you do decide to give it a go then I would love to see it, you can tag me on Instagram here @livingonleaves

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