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We love the Donkey Sanctuary, I’ve actually blogged about why we love it so much before, here, but today we went there for their annual car show so I thought I would do a post about that too.

We were going to visit the car show last year, in fact we drove all the way over there but by the time we got there it was absolutely hammering it down with rain so we decided to turn around and drive home again.

Luckily the forecast was much better this year, if anything it ended up being expectantly boiling! But I love summer so I try not to complain when the sun is actually shining.

There was an entry fee of £3.50 per adult and kids were free so it’s a really affordable day out and as it’s right next to the main sanctuary you can go and see the donkeys whilst there too. We got there when it opened at 10am when it wasn’t quite as busy, we generally prefer to do it that way and leave earlier!

car show donkey sanctuary sidmouth

They had an Amy Winehouse tribute act, I absolutely loved Amy Winehouse and saw her live a few times including at Glastonbury Festival. It was actually quite a strange experience watching someone acting just like her, she copied all her little mannerisms and dance moves, but she was really good. They also had another band playing but we didn’t see them.

My Winehouse - Amy Winehouse tribute act.

After walking around to see all the cars and going to see the donkeys we were hungry and were happy to find a plant-based caterer there. We were even happier when it turned out to serve the best vegan burgers we’ve ever eaten! It was absolutely perfect, from the seitan burger to the cashew sauce and coconut bacon. Even Matt loved it and he is so particular with food, eating out is usually hard for him as he never likes what he orders so this was a mega achievement, I actually went back and told them as it’s nice to give positive feedback.

The caterer was Epic Veg Kitchen and you can find their Instagram here. I need to keep an eye out for where they are trading next!

epic veg kitchen vegan catering
epic veg kitchen vegan catering epic vegan burger
car show donkey sanctuary sidmouth
car show donkey sanctuary sidmouth

We had a really good time and will definitely be going back next year.

You can find more details on their website.

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