by Jess

Every spring, we like to go hunting for bluebells. Well I say hunting but we only pick places that are known to have them so it’s not really a hunt! More of a visit. Last year we went to Langdon Hill Woods in Dorset and for the couple of years before that we went to Wayford Woods in Somerset, both great places, but we wanted to try somewhere new this year and decided to try Blackbury Camp in Devon.

It’s actually a hillfort that was built during the 4th century BC so it’s an interesting place to visit at any time of year but it looks especially beautiful when the bluebells are out.

blackbury camp devon

We even saw a baby deer running across the field next to it.

blackbury camp devon

Unlike last year when we were dressed in shorts, this year it was absolutely freezing! I even still had my winter coat on.

blackbury camp devon
blackbury camp bluebell season
bluebells blackbury camp devon

If you are interested in visiting Blackbury Camp then you can find the details here. It would make a great place for a picnic too if you didn’t manage to make it there to see the bluebells.

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