by Jess

My name is Jess and I live on the south west coast of England with my partner, Matt and our two children, Cherry (10) & Tiger (7).

I started Living on Leaves a few years ago so I had somewhere to share my recipes. I was vegan at the time and back then people still thought you lived on leaves if you didn’t eat meat so I wanted to show how untrue that is.

I’m no longer vegan, you can read all about my reasons why here but we still opt for a lot of plant-based products, Oatly Barista for life!

I now post about a mixture of things including creative photography, Photoshop ideas, family lifestyle, veggie food and places to visit around Dorset & Devon.

I’ve been blogging for nearly ten years, originally I focused on parenting but as the kids got older there was less to write about and it didn’t feel right to be sharing so much about them anymore.

As well as this blog I also run a crochet business.

When I’m not working on either of these things you will find me playing chess, having a hot bath or lying in bed watching some trashy telly!

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