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On Saturday morning we had to go into Dorchester and as the sun had come out by the time we were leaving we decided to stop off at Kingston Maurwood as it’s only a few miles away. It’s so rare to find places that aren’t heaving at the weekend these days but it was surprisingly quiet, we like quiet places!

We did the entire lakeside walk without even seeing anyone else, it led us through lots of wooded areas with streams. We kept the kids happy by pretending to spot bear footprints, they were following them and trying to work out where the bear was hiding. There is a large green area in front of the lake where we sat down to enjoy the sun, there is no better feeling than the warmth of the sun.

kingston maurwood lake

kingston maurwood lakeside walk

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wisteria kingston maurwood gardensSmelling the wisteria.

kingston maurwood gardensThey also have some animals, this sheep had literally just given birth, it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

newborn lamb

sheep and her lamb lying in the grass JUST LOOK!!!

newborn lamb

sheep and her newborn lamb lying next to a treeThe entire field was full of tiny lambs sleeping in the grass near their mums, I could have stayed and watched them all day, just so gorgeous. They have some other animals too like Shetland ponies and goats, the goats had also just had babies which were just adorable!

shetland pony eating grassThe lakeside walk, although not quite as good as Stourhead in Wiltshire (the National Trust property), it has the benefit of being quiet. Stourhead is so busy these days that you end up walking round with herds of people which ruins the experience a bit, plus if you don’t have National Trust memberships then Stourhead works out to be pretty expensive but this was a lot more affordable.

It’s actually quite funny as just as we were leaving we remembered that Matt had put a stage up there (he used to build stages) about 12 years ago and we had come to the event, it was so strange to remember the place in a completely different way. He found it hilarious how I remembered what food we had taken to eat, I even remembered the flavour of the crisps!

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